Our bodies are designed to eat plants and animals. They were never intended to be fueled by the countless processed foods we eat today. Our modern foods today are loaded with sugar, gluten (which many people unknowingly have sensitivities to), refined vegetable oils (canola, corn oil), and countless other ingredients that all contribute to chronic inflammation in the body (more on this in another post). 

The first step in simplifying our lifestyle and reducing inflammation in our bodies (which cause many autoimmune disorders) is to eliminate SAD (Standard American Diet) foods from our diet.  Instead, focus on quality sources of animal protein from local, pasture-raised, or organic sources of meat, fowl, fish and eggs. Also, eat fresh, colorful vegetables and in-season fruits and healthy fats (animal fats, avocados, grass-fed butters/ghee, coconut products, olives and its oil, nuts and seeds). 

Of course, you may stick to your personal preference when it comes to creating tasty meals, just be sure you use the right ingredients. I believe we have taste buds, not only to detect when food has gone bad or might be potentially poisonous, but to enjoy eating! If you're eating the right kind of food, you do not have to worry as much on portion size. Why? Your body will actually be able to signal your brain that it is satiated. So, eat when you're hungry and stop when you're satisfied (remember it takes your body some time to signal the brain that it is full, so stop just before you feel full and wait). 

Stay tuned on more ways to simplify and enjoy your life! 

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