To put these laws into context, it’s important to know that the Primal Blueprint bases it’s theories on health by researching our ancient ancestors’ lifestyles: the hunter-gatherers/nomadic people.

These early individuals lived fairly long lives considering all that they had going against them (weather, predators, droughts, flooding, etc.). They were constantly moving either to forage for food or to avoid danger. Resting was intentional, as was sleep and play, and their food came straight from the earth.


Today’s lifestyle is the complete opposite. We live life in fast-forward eating quick/fast food with little –to- no nutritional value, exercise an hour a day (at least, we try), then sit for 8hrs or more at work or at home (Netflix-binging). This lifestyle  can be best described as, the “Active Couch Potato”. 


The Primal Blueprint seeks to help us get back to our roots. To simplify our lives and tune in to our bodies needs. There are 10 Primal Laws that the program follows. I will go into more detail in future blog posts and even more so with health coaching sessions.


The 10 Primal Laws:

Law 1: Eat plants and Animals

Law 2: Avoid Poisonous Things

Law 3: Move Frequently

Law 4: Lift Heavy Things

Law 5: Sprint Once in a While

Law 6: Get Plenty of Sleep

Law 7: Play

Law 8: Get Plenty of Sunlight

Law 9: Avoid Stupid Mistakes

Law 10: Use Your Brain


The laws are pretty simple, right? Practically anyone can follow these laws and restore balance in their lives and improve their overall health. For more information stay tuned for future blog posts and/or sign up for health coaching sessions.